Sunday, February 27, 2011

Health vs. Homework

Another weekend has come and gone. I'm no farther ahead on my homework, but I am a little tiny bit healthier! I figured out the best way to procrastinate reading for class: exercise. It is good for you, plus you don't have to do homework while doing it, plus you don't feel guilty about it later! There is a trail near where I live that I actually like running on. I also have a friend that uses the same trail and today we met up and walked together which made exercising about 4 billion times better. Hint: it is much easier to do something you don't like if you turn it into a social activity. Basically I had an awesome weekend at the expense of my homework, which I was trying to get ahead on. Oh well! But now I'm headed back to the grindstone to whip out some reading comprehension skillz.

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