Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Alphabet

Finals are done! I'm going home and it's party week! In celebration of all the learning I've done this semester (and that I don't have to do any for the next four weeks), I've compiled a list of all the things I will be doing that are not school this break!

A) Avoid getting sick
B) Build a snowman
C) Chat with my Best Friends
D) Decorate a Christmas tree
E) Eat my Mom's home cooked meals
F) FREE Laundry!
G) Get my hair cut
H) Hug the people I love
I) Invite people to my Birthday party
J) Joke with Elisha
K) Keep the Christmas spirit
L) Listen to Christmas Music, while not doing homework
M) Make Christmas cookies
N) Negotiate the mall
O) Open presents
P) Present Presents (Get it?!)
Q) Quote "Friends"
R) Renew my love of Snow
S) Sleep in
T) Turn 23 (so old!)
U) Use a sled
V) View Christmas lights
W) Watch movies
X) X-tremely love the world
Y) Yodel
Z) Zip up my winter coat to go skiing

Friday, December 10, 2010

What have you learned this semester?

Today was my last day of class of my first semester in San Diego! I still have finals to power through, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I've come a long way from that first class. But I've learned a lot this semester and hardly any of it has to do with Anthropology.

I now know my way around SDSU's campus. I have a favorite place to work in the library and a favorite place to get coffee. I know how to buy lunch for cheap on campus. I know where and when the Farmer's Markets are. I know where I have to stand in the trolley station to get service. I know when the laundry room in my complex is going to be empty. I know how to deal with ants and black widows inside my apartment. I know how to dress for Southern California weather. I know the people in my department. I know how my oven is going to bake things. I've even made friends!

And I know that I can do it. I've started over and it's working! San Diego has become my home and, even on a Friday night when I'm still in the library working on finals until 6, I like it here.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


1)I went to class
2)I got important car documents noterized
3)I went grochery shopping
4)I came home
5) I checked my email
6) I checked facebook
7) I did my dishes
8) I did my teacher evaluations
9) I made ginger cookie dough (so that it could chill while I did my homework)
10) I checked my facebook (for a half an hour)
11) I baked the ginger cookie dough
12) I wrote a blog
13) I think lucky number thirteen ought to be actually starting on my homework, what do you think?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Music

I miss Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I love palm trees and 70 degree weather but it's just not the same as two feet of snow. I made cookies last night for a class potluck I have today and while I was baking and frosting, I set Pandora to play classic Chrsitmas tunes. I was happy as a clam singing along and then "I'll be home for Christmas" came on and I couldn't hold back the tears. I blame finals. Or perhaps it's homesickness. But whatever it is I want my Mom! Whew. Don't worry, in two weeks I get to go home! Also, So here we go finals, you may have won last night's battle, but I will dominate you, or at least I'll cry trying!

Monday, November 29, 2010

In the beginning...

In the beginning was the Word… wait, that’s a different story. In my story, the beginning was a lot messier. My beginning began, like most do, with a birth. I’m a winter baby and my Sister remembers losing her favorite glove that day. My Dad remembers the doctor with his foot up on the table trying to yank me out and my Mom remembers my little red head. It’s funny how some things stay in our collective memories while others fall out and are lost along the way.
But that beginning was quite a while ago and I’ve had many others since then.

I moved to San Diego this fall. I left my best friend, my parents, and a relationship that was falling apart to come to a brand new city where I knew no one. Things that are scary are also kind of liberating. I imagined I would invent a new, better me. Turns out, I was only partly right. I’ve become different, but, in many ways, I’ve retained and rediscovered many of the things that make me more me. Change is like that. Sometimes, when you think things are changing most, that’s when you notice they stay the same.

Beginnings mean endings but endings also mean beginnings. This is the beginning of a blog. I’m hoping to discover something about myself while writing it, but also just to share what is going on in my life. Hopefully, I won’t be so melodramatic in all my posts!

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. I’ve always kind of liked that. I’m not too much for religion, but as far as origin stories go, that’s a good one. Perhaps God is our words, perhaps our words are God. Who knows?